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How to get here!

Our rental building is located next to the parking lot at Eklutna Lake.  Eklutna Lake is about 10 miles back on Eklutna Lake Rd.  Please note: You will lose cell phone service on Eklutna Lake Road.  Take care of any business you may have before hand!  There is 0 reception without a satellite phone at the lake.

Map of Elkutna Lake parking area
  • Exit the Glen Hwy at either the Thunderbird Falls or Eklutna Lake Exit.

  • Turn onto Eklutna Lake Road, and drive for the next 10 miles. The road is narrow and winds along the mountain.

  • The very last thing on the road, before a gate, is the main parking lot.  There is a path through the woods between us and the parking lot, take it.  We are the only other building over there!

  • Alaska State Parks charges a $5 parking fee.  The meter has a credit card reader!

Lake information

There is NO Cellphone Service

Depending on your carrier, you may be able to get service at Twin Peaks Eatery up the road.  The lake itself has no service unless you have a satellite phone.  There is a Ranger station in the area for emergencies.  If you have a satellite phone, we advise bringing it.

The Weather

The Eklutna Valley gets its own weather!  It is usually better than Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley.  So just because it's raining in Anchorage, doesn't mean it is at the lake.  You can find a weather radar here, or use the one on your phone.

Psst: The person who answers the phones won't know the weather.  They aren't at the lake! (Because, no service!)

Occasionally, the Eklutna Valley gets a lot of wind.  This may impact your kayaking experience, and sometimes we have to cancel kayaking for safety reasons.  We will call you to let you know if this is the case.  The lake is almost always calm during the morning hours, and picks up in the afternoon.  Book early!

Wildlife Encounters

The Eklutna Valley is home to an abundance of wildlife.  We see bears and moose almost daily, and as such, we recommend bringing bear spray with you! Please refer to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website for more info on wildlife encounters.

If you are taking a guided tour with us, our guides are trained on wildlife encounters and will give you a safety briefing before you set out.  We do not provide extra canisters of bear spray.

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